Meow - A Cat Lounge Is Set To Open In Dublin

Tag the craziest cat lady you know...

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If, like me, you are cat-obsessed, then you're probably as deliriously happy as I am to hear this news. 

Word on the street at the moment is that a cat lounge (!!!) is opening in Dublin in the near future. 

We don't have many details juuuust yet but here's what we know so far:

  • It will be in Smithfield 
  • It's set to open in October 
  • It will be on a book-online visit only basis 
  • The kitties and cats will be provided - and no, unfortunately you can't bring your own (BYOC)
  • All the cats will be happily living on site
  • There will be a coffee machine for your thirst and caffeine needs
  • There will be couches and bean bags for chilling on
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Warm kitty, soft kitty, purr, purr, purr. 

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We'll just move in, thanks. 

More information for all you cat-lovers as we have it!

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