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Changes To Dublin Public Transport Prices Come Into Effect From Today

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If you’re hopping on the bus or Luas this weekend, it might be best to take note of a new pricing system comes into effect from today.

Under the new BusConnects scheme, some Leap Card prices will be increasing while others will be going down. Journeys of over 13 stages on Dublin Bus are dropping from €2.60 to €2.50. Conversely, the €2.15 fare will increase to €2.25. The €3.30 fare will remain the same while the the €2.85 fare will now cost €3.

On the Luas, there will no longer be a peak and off-peak price, with all journeys costing the same throughout the day.

The changes coming in today are the first in a few adjustments which will be made in the coming years.

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