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10th Oct 2018

PIC: There’s A Huge Christmas Tree In Temple Bar And It’s Not Even Halloween Yet

Darragh Berry

We know we’re going to get so much hate from the Wizzard fans of this world who actually wish it could be Christmas every day but we’re calling it:

It’s way too early to be erecting Christmas trees.

The temperature gauge has barely dropped from the heatwave that was our summer not to mention that we haven’t even touched on Halloween which is coming up very soon.

Why do people feel it’s okay to bypass Halloween anymore?

What happened to putting up scary decorations and making everything dark and gloomy so you could frighten the shite out of people at the end of October.

Let me tell you something, there’s nothing scary about lovely, shiny Christmas trees. Especially the massive one that’s up at Temple Bar.

And no, just because it’s the 1 November and Halloween is over does not make it acceptable to start watching Christmas movies and put on Shakin Stevens, Band Aid and the like.

You have to leave it until at least the start of December, the very end of November at a push.

Otherwise, when Christmas actually comes around, you’re going to be bored of it already.

Looking at this tree up at the start of October (it’s nearly three months ahead of the actual day) we’re bored of Christmas before it’s even began.

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