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20th Dec 2016

Clery’s Might Be Getting Rooftop Bars And Restaurants As Part Of A Redevelopment Proposal


The people of Dublin were saddened to see the institution that was Clery’s to close down, but plans are now afoot to resurrect it in exciting new ways.

A planning application was submitted by OCS Properties to Dublin City Council last week, including plans to add ‘Juliet’ balconies to the building’s facade, as well as transforming the location into a ‘rooftop destination’ full of bars, restaurants and entertaining spaces, according to

The developers also hope to restore the shop’s iconic staircase to its former glory, as its been identified as Clery’s “key element”.

The new plans would see the building’s lower floors being used for high-end retail, while the upper floors would be rented as office spaces.

These plans have yet to be accepted by Dublin City Council, but would you like to see them come into effect? Let us know in the comments.

Main pic: Honey Cloverz on Shutterstock

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