5 New Dublin Pubs You Need To Try This Weekend

Why not go someplace different this Saturday night?

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If you're planning to head out tonight but are bored with your usual haunts, we've got just the thing.

We've done a round up of some of Dublin's most recently opened bars, and they look pretty damn good. If you're heading out anyway tonight, you may as well have a nose around one of these joints. 

Who knows, you might just find your new favourite spot...

1. Zozimus

The newest of the bunch, having literally opened just last night and you can expect it to become hugely popular.

Named after a blind Dublin-born ballad-singer from the early 19th century, this little bar is gorgeously decorated, and it's hard to miss what with all the multi-coloured umbrellas they've got outside. 

You can find Zozimus just off South Anne Street, on the ground floor of the Sporting Emporium and out the back of 37 Dawson Street and Sam's.  


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2. Bar Rua

Another spot that just opened this week.

A modern take on the traditional pub, keeping everything as Gaelic as possible, with Irish Beers, Irish food, Irish music acts, Irish art displayed on its walls, and promotion of the Irish language.

This particular public house also has an unusual but interesting hiring policy: all the staff are redheads. Y'know, because it's Bar Rua? Geddit? You get it.

You'll find Bar Rua at 32 Clarendon Street.

Bar Rua

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3. JT Pims

This is an old-timey but highly polished spot at the site that formerly housed Shebeen Chic.

The main bar boasts a selection of craft beers and cocktails, but if you head downstairs you'll find a specialist gin also awaiting you.

You'll find JT Pims at 4 South Great George's Street.

J T  Pims

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4. Beer Traders

Now here's one a little further afield, in Dun Laoghaire.

The newest craft beer pub to be opened by Galway Bay Brewery – who already have city centre locations at Brew Dock, the Black Sheep, Against The Grain and the Beer Market – this time they're bringing their hoppy goodness to the seaside. 

You'll find Beer Traders on York Road in Dun Laoghaire.

Beer Traders

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5. The Ivy

Admittedly this one opened a few months back, but we've a feeling it's a spot many of you still haven't gotten round to visiting just yet.

This spacious yet cosy pub boasts comfy leather booths, blue velvet chairs, an entire drinks menu dedicated to Negronis, and Clement and Pekoe teas (for the designated drivers).

You'll find The Ivy at the corner of Dame Street and Parliament Street. 

The Ivy

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