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04th Jan 2019

This Popular But Scarily Bizarre Review Of Connolly Station Raised Lots Of Eyebrows Online

Darragh Berry

If you weren’t a regular to and from Connolly Station and wanted to do some background checks on the station before you travelled, this review on google would definitely put you off.

The review was pointed out on Reddit by user httpjava and when translated from its original language, it reads something like this:

“Connolly Station was considered the largest station in Ireland. During the Second World War in 1941, the station was blown up by the bomb. Again this station was built in 2011. But always appears [to show] the ghost of a soldier at the station at night. So people stopped by just to come here.”

As for the end of the review, we haven’t a clue what this is supposed to mean: “The match was later switched to the station forever.”

The review stirred up some amount of controversy online and people who lived close to the station were tempted to hop out of their beds late at night in order to investigate.

A member of Irish rail’s Corporate Communications team, Jane Cregan, told Lovin that although the majority of the review is false, the reviewer – who goes by the name of Vijay Pawar – got one thing right…

“I think this person has the wrong end of the stick. The station was not blown up in the war and it was not rebuilt in 2011.

“However, In 2011 we did have Ghostbusters come into our HQ building and they did seem to detect some sort of paranormal activity in the Station.”

Last time we’ll be travelling from Connolly alone at night…

You can find the full review here.

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