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30th Jul 2020

Coppers has a new dress code and it’s Paul Mescal-inspired

Sarah Finnan


It was only a matter of time before GAA shorts became the ‘norm’ at Coppers. Might be more of a distinct possibility than people imagined though, thanks to one Paul Mescal – the man credited with making them ‘fashionable‘.

Paul Mescal this, Paul Mescal that. Hard to escape him these days; he’s quite literally the talk of the town. Whether we’re raving about his performance as Connell Waldron in Normal People, praising him for his charitable endeavours or swooning over videos of him singing with his sister Nell – I think it’s safe to say that, as a nation, we’re fairly fond of him.

As is Copper Face Jacks who have used him as the poster boy for their new ‘dress code’. Still closed, they’re looking ahead to such time when they can reopen and it looks like GAA shorts, white runners and shades are all you need to make the cut.

Sharing a photo of Paul strutting his stuff on the streets of London, he’s pictured with cider and pink gin in hand – both of which Copper’s serve they’ll have you know.

Some patrons have questioned the new Coppers dress code, claiming to have been refused entry after showing up in a similar getup. I dunno though, if it’s good enough for Paul Mescal…

Would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit?

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