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11th Oct 2018

If You Were On This DART Yesterday It Was The Most Disgusting Journey Ever

Darragh Berry

After a long, hard day at work, sometimes the commute home is the first time that you can relax all day.

No matter how easy-going you want it to be, there’s always going to be some sort of disruption on your way home.

Like traffic, or a packed bus meaning you don’t have two inches to move, but we don’t think we’ve every had it as bad as this commuter.

Aisling was on the DART when another passenger fell ill and began getting sick everywhere.

Now, if that was you or me, we’d get off at the next stop but this person obviously needed to be somewhere, vomit or not vomit.

“There’s a man vomiting on the dart he won’t get off?? like there’s been two or three stops since he started getting sick on the chair beside him but he’s not gotten off he’s still here getting sick.”

Obviously, we feel very sorry for the man who can’t help getting sick but it’s not a nice environment for the rest of the passengers to be involved in.

Last week, it was confirmed that drinking on these Irish Rail trains from Dublin would be banned.

The ban comes into effect on Friday 12 October and will heavily affected stag dos and hens who are known to head to these destinations for their parties.

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