Shocking Footage Shows Car Allegedly Bashing Into Person With Crutch At Dublin Petrol Station

The person is on foot when the car hits them at speed.

Car Hit Dublin Main

Footage, which has been circulating on social media tonight, shows a car hitting a person with a crutch at a petrol station.

The accident is alleged to have happened at a Dublin petrol station.

The footage shows a person on foot using a crutch with their right arm walking towards the petrol pumps at the station.

What looks to be a white Renault car comes into the station at speed from the road and looks to swerve towards the person who is now near one of the pumps.

The brutal impact of the collision can be heard on the video and the bonnet of the car makes contact with the person in question.

The video - which is just eight seconds long - shows the person laying still on the ground after the incident.

The footage is taken by another car which is in the lobby of the station at the time of the hit.

Lovin Dublin have reached out to the Gardaí about the incident.

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