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30th Jan 2020

Delays expected on Luas as trams undergo repairs

Darragh Murphy

Stock image of Luas

Commuters are being advised to allow additional travel time due to the fact that fewer Luas trams will be in operation on Thursday and Friday.

Knock-on delays are expected as Luas services on the Red and Green Lines will run on average every six minutes rather than the regular average of every three to four minutes during peak travel times.

Passengers are asked to allow additional time to travel as a knock-on effect is anticipated in a number of areas; for example on the Red Line between Tallaght/Saggart and Belgard, and between Busáras and The Point.

Several Luas trams are currently out of service due to recent involvements in road traffic collisions and customers are asked to allow for additional travel time while the trams are repaired by maintenance teams.

The affected trams will not be returned to service until next week.

In order to mimimise such issues in the future, Luas officials have reminded road users to exercise caution around tram tracks.

A spokesperson said: “We remind road users never to amber gamble, break red lights or disobey road signs – particularly around Luas tracks.

“The safety of our passengers and staff is our primary concern. All of our teams are working to return the affected trams to service as quickly and as safely as possible. We acknowledge the inconvenience and disturbance this may cause and we apologise sincerely to anyone affected by delays over the coming days. We will update you as soon as we have further information and thank you in the meantime for your patience.”

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