Cravings: nine bucket list desserts and treats to try in Dublin

By Lynda Keogh

July 10, 2020 at 2:26pm


Does anyone else have an Instagram saved folder of just desserts and treats from all around Dublin? If you know me well, you would know I'm the kinda girl who would skip dinner and eat dessert twice. I can't be the only one...

So it goes without saying that I have a serious sweet tooth - to my own detriment. Anytime I spot something drool-worthy on Insta, I save it down to a 'dessert bucket list' folder of things to try. The list hasn't helped with my lock-down cravings, but I might now be able to tick a few off the list!

Thankfully I have spent the last 4 months in trackies and stretchy clothes, and to be honest, I plan to spend the remainder of the year in them too - so I am more than happy to indulge.

I deserve it. You deserve it. Treat. Yo. Self.

1. Batch Cookies

If you have ever been to New York and tried Levain cookies - these look to be Dublin's equivalent. Massive, thick, chocolatey and decadent cookies. And making ice-cream sandwiches with them?
So bold, get onto the list you actual Hun.

2. Three Twenty Ice Cream Lab

This ice cream spot is on Drury Street and is like no other - they use liquid nitrogen to create their ice cream.  Their menu gives Chin Chin vibes, and I dig it. Excuse me sir, I will have; one 'we make you bake' brownie kit, one creme brûlée ice-cream pot and one hot-choc with torched marshmallow fluff.


3. Daddy's Dublin

First of all - name. Yaaas, come through Dzzaddy. Second of all, how dare you tempt me mid-lockdown with a salted chocolate tart and also be outside of my 5 and 10km radius. This delish tart gives me Bruce Bogtrotter vibes and I'm very much okay with it.

4. Krewe

Krewe is a New Orleans inspired restaurant on Capel Street. We all know how delish their food is, but these beignets stopped me in my tracks. Pillowy soft parcels of perfection with powdered sugar to boot. These beautiful babies are served with a chocolate sauce and a Bourbon salted caramel sauce.

5. Mud Bakery 


I've heard such good things about Mud Bakery's treats, and holy god even via a photo I can see why. Mud's Milk-Choc Sea Salt Gooey Brownies look absolutely ridiculous. A cup of tea and 5 of these please. Tbh, wouldn't say no to their Loaded Brownie, or their Sourdough Doughnut Bites either. Good news is you can find their treats all around the city in different cafes!

6. Bay Clontarf

A scoop of vanilla ice-cream in a cinnamon sugar doughnut cone - is this an actual wind up? You can also add berries or toasted nuts. Like, come on - how am I meant to just ignore this beaut. Cinnamon sugar doughnuts are absolute tops in my eyes and adding a scoop of vanilla ice-cream is just pure genius. I must try.

7. eathos 

Generally known for their healthy bits... But let's put that to one side for now. Okay, so I have tried this one before and it became a bit of an issue. An absolutely delish issue, I might add. Since March I have been having withdrawals for their CHOCOLATE POPCORN SLAB. Yes, you read that right.
Try this and a coffee and you will become an eathos regular too.


8. Medialuna Croissanterie 

If my Leaving Cert level language skills don't fail me; 'medialuna' translates to half-moon, which basically means croissant. These don't seem to be just any old ordinary croissants - they're most definitely extra. Medialuna's croissants look so delicious, and are actual works of art - guaranteed likes on Insta (don't even pretend you wouldn't post).

9. Firehouse Bakery

Okay, so sliiiightly outside Dublin - but a number Dublin cafes stock their treats too. These bad boys are filled doughnuts; absolute heaven. Salted caramel honeycomb, chocolate brownie or even a classic Boston cream. I'm just imagining myself and the gals with sheet-masks, The Hills from the beginning and a box of these. *drool*

What's on your must-try sweet-treat list this summer?

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