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29th Jul 2022

Documentary about young Dublin stowaways who flew to New York in the 80s to air soon

Emily Mullen

The documentary is getting its Irish TV premiere.

Nothing to Declare, the documentary about the two Dublin schoolboys in 1985 who stowed away to New York, is airing on Irish television next week.

The 30-minute film tells the story of Keith Byrne and Noel Murray from Darndale who, when aged 10 and 13, ended up sneaking onto a ferry bound for Holyhead with far-fetched notions of ending up in America to see their hero, B.A. Baracus of The A-Team.

From there, they managed to board a train bound for London and make their way to Heathrow Airport, where they later followed a stranger onto an Air India flight to New York, convincing airline officials to let them on by telling them that their parents had already boarded.

However, their journey came to an abrupt end when they asked a policeman outside JFK airport in New York for “the way into town”.

“Now 36 years later and for the first time on screen together, Keith and Noel recount their adventure,” the plot synopsis for the documentary reads.

“Their story had the Irish nation talking as they created international headlines, however, they reveal the life that followed after the headlines faded. A nostalgic trip of adventure with two men who ran away from home and captured the heart of the nation.”

Nothing to Declare will have its Irish TV premiere on RTÉ One on Tuesday, 2 August at 10.30pm.

You can watch the trailer for the documentary below:

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