'Donnie Darko' Will Be Shown On The Big Screen At The Sugar Club This Month

Here's your chance to catch the trippy cult classic

Donnie Main

The wonderfully bizarre Donnie Darko will be shown on the big screen at The Sugar Club this August 22.

The cult classic follows Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal), a troubled teenager living in Virginia during the 1980s who's saved from a falling jet engine by a giant rabbit named Frank, who also tells Donnie when the world will end. And that's just the start of the weirdness...

Check out the trailer below.

As with most screenings at the venue, you can expect gourmet popcorn, cocktails, pizzas, beers and table service during the flick.

Donnie Darko is being screened at The Sugar Club on Monday, August 22. To book your ticket, just click here.

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