PIC: Here's Why There Was A Mad Queue At Dublin Airport Last Night At 1:30 In The Morning

This is the last thing you need after a flight home...

Dublin Airport Queue Taxi Main

Picture the scene, you land home in the dead of night.

Maybe you've just been on holidays for a week or two or maybe you were on business and needed to get back to the capital for work.

You touch down after midnight, wait for your bags to come around and just when you think that the stressful part is over, bang, a queue.

Not just any queue though, probably the most unpredictable queue of them all - the queue for a taxi.

If you haven't parked up at the airport, a taxi is your only option for getting home at this hour of the night.

Business Reporter with The Times, Paul O'Donoghue experienced this queue on his way home last night.

He said:

"Flew back into Dublin at about 1.30am, and this is what you face when trying to get a taxi

"Ridiculous how in 2018, people are virtually stranded if they fly into Ireland's main airport outside normal working hours."

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Darragh Berry

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