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01st Oct 2018

PIC: Barry Keoghan Wore This Outfit On A Film Festival’s Red Carpet In New York And Holy Mother Of God

Darragh Berry

He just doesn’t give a flying fook.

I for one absolutely love what Barry Keoghan wore on the red carpet. To be perfectly honest with you, if I had the choice I would never get out trackies.

I hate wearing jeans, they’re always too tight and you can’t slouch down and be comfy in them when you’re working.

Trackies do the business every single time.

But, I can hear my mother in my ear belling on about “and all the decent clothes you have, you wore that”.

To be fair, he pulls it off too.

Have a look:

Keoghan was at the New York Film Festival which opened with the movie ‘The Favourite’.

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