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Footage Shows Residents In Blanchardstown Are Starting To Get Really Pissed Off With Krispy Kreme

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As you probably know by now, Krispy Kreme has opened its first ever Irish store in Blanchardstown.

It’s 24 hours and has a drive-thru which is unique and people were left extremely excited as yet another donut place opened up in the capital.

There’s 16 varieties to choose from as well as Kreme Shakes, tea and coffee and if you haven’t been yet, here’s what it looks like inside.

It was reported on Sunday that the new shop was already causing chaos in the town because the drive-thru queue had up to 30 cars in it at one time but something much worse seems to be happening now.

In the early hours of Sunday morning and Monday morning, Salim Sanehi? took a video which showed cars queuing up and honking constantly as they waited in-line for their donuts.

All fun and games for them, certainly not entertaining for those trying to sleep at 2:30am, especially on a Monday morning when you’ve to get up for work in less than five hours…

The clip which was posted to Krispy Kreme’s Ireland Facebook page can be found here and the post states:

“This is what the people living right next to Krispy Kreme have to deal with now. It’s 2:30am (Sunday morning) and this sort of noise is what we’ve been dealing with since the grand opening.

“Updated: 1/10/18 1:23am – this is still going on and now there seems to be people chanting and egging the cars to keep honking. Krispy Kreme hasn’t done anything about their customers behaviour.

“Also for the people saying ‘Well it’s your fault for living next to the centre’ have you seen the centre at this hour before? It’s a ghost town. This isn’t expected and it should never be expected, there’s literally no defending this sort of behaviour.”

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