PIC: Dublin Airport's Reply To New Destination Minnesota Had To Be Said After Their Question About Ireland

Get it right, Minnesota or don't say it at all...

Dublin Airport May

We were thrilled with the new today that Aer Lingus was launching direct flights to two of the most underrated cities in North America.

The flights are going from Dublin Airport and the two transatlantic flights are starting in summer 2019.

One of those destinations is Minnesota and Dublin Airport thought it would be nice to start a bit of banter between the two airports.

"'Oh, for sure,' as you guys might say. We look forward to welcoming residents of the Twin Cities to Ireland next year & to sending some of ours your way," Dublin said after Minnesota announced the news.

They shortly replied by saying: "'Ope, just gonna scoot by you real quick' is also another Minnesota standard. Any Ireland tips?"

And Dublin Airport gave them the ultimate hand...

"Dia dhuit is hello in Irish. It’s Howya when in Dublin. How’s it going boy, is the same in Cork. What about ye in Belfast, Well boy in Waterford. PS Don’t ever say Top o’ the Mornin to anyone. Ever."

Get it right, Minnesota or don't say it at all...

We're loving Dublin Airport's Twitter account lately.

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