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Dublin Airport Has Given An Important Update About The Wearing Of Onesies On Flights

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We’ve all been there. You’ve packed for your flight, you’re waiting for a taxi and then suddenly you catch a glimpse at yourself in the mirror and realise “Oh shite, I look ridiculous in this onesie.”

Never again will you have to rush to change into something more sensible though as Dublin Airport has this morning issued an unexpected update about the wearing of onesies on flights.

Asked by Hungarian Twitter user Greg if a onesie would be an acceptable outfit to wear on a flight, the airport’s social media team responded: ‘We have airport police, but no fashion police. As long as they empty their pockets at security & remove their belt sure why not.’

So now you know. We await a further update on whether it’s okay to carry your cat in your onesie. We’ll keep you posted.

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