A Onesie Now Exists That Contains A Pouch For Carrying Around Your Cat



Do you like onesies? Do you like cats? Do you have some sorta bizarre fantasy where you're a cat-human hybrid and your cat is like your baby? 

If so, this new product from Unihabitat may be for you.

The Japanese clothing company have created a onesie that makes you look like a human-sized cat, complete with tail and ears, and includes a pouch where you can put your pet feline (someone in design obviously confused cats with kangaroos).


Pic: Unihabitat


Pic: Unihabitat


Pic: Unihabitat

It even comes with a bum flap.



If you're ready to go full-on cat person, you need this onesie in your life. Check out its ad below.

Well that was fucked up.

We'll stick with this bear-suit sleeping bag, thank you very much.

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