Dublin Is Officially One Of The Best Cities In The World To Visit At Christmas

We knew it

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We didn’t need an official list to tell us this but it’s still nice to know our little city has been featured as one of the best places to visit at Christmas.

From the gorgeous lights around the capital to the annual Christmas Eve celebrity busk, there’s not many places we’d rather be this time of year.

Now Bloom & Wild has revealed their ultimate list of the most magical Christmas cities - and Dublin has made it into the top 10.

They’ve factored in lots of things like the cost of flights, the price of a Christmas Day meal in a restaurant and exactly when the lights get switched on – the earlier, the better, apparently.

Dublin came in 10th, beating other incredibly festive destinations like Bruges, Reykjavik and even New York.

Now, why not read our very own list of reasons that Christmas in Dublin is better than anywhere else in the world to really get you in the festive spirit?

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