Dublin Bus Strikes Are Starting Earlier Than Expected – Here's All You Need Know

Half price Uber anyone?


Dublin Bus have announced today that they will be striking earlier than expected.

The original plan of the strikes commencing on Thursday, September 8 has been changed – all services will now halt from 9pm tomorrow. 

A spokesperson from SIPTU has said described the change of plan as "unnecessary". 

The strike will continue for all of Thursday and Friday, including Nitelink and Airlink services, so begin planning your alternative transport home from your Friday night out on the town.

The reason for the change in plan is to ensure that all the buses are back in their depot for Thursday's strikes.

Dublin Bus workers are striking in order to seek a 15% pay increase – which would bring them up to the same salary as a Luas driver.

Other services which are set to cease include The Ghost Tour, which is cancelled completely on Wednesday.


This dark cloud has a tiny bit of silver lining...

Uber are offering half price taxi fares to those who are travelling with their colleagues or friends during the ongoing strikes. The aim is to have the least amount of cars on the roads in order to combat the inevitable traffic problems so be sure to fill up those Ubers!


Here's what you need to know about the other modes of transport available:

  • Irish Rail are not planning on adding more trains to their usual schedule, DART included. 
  • Luas will have all their trams in action for the next couple of days.
  • Bus lanes will not open to the public as they will still in use by private coaches, taxis and Bus Éireann services.
  • Despite speculation, the M50 toll fares will not be reduced.

And to make matters worse there are two more 48 hour strikes planned for later this month. 

Additional stoppages to the services will take place on the 15, 16, 23 and 24 of September.

Some people, however, are still managing to see the bright side of things...

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