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19th Dec 2020

Dublin coffee shop is selling limited edition chocolate orange marshmallow fluff

Rory Cashin

Excuse us a moment, we’ve to go grab a napkin for all of this drool…

Just take a step back there for a second and look at that headline.

Look at those words.

At how many great things are happening in such a short amount of space.

Chocolate, obviously, one of the best things in the entire world, nothing to argue with there.

Orange. Yes, okay, can be divisive for some, but again, if you’ve clicked in here, then we’re assuming you’re fully on board already.

Marshmallow. Amazing. Big love for that.

Fluff. By itself, outside of context, maybe not fantastic, but within the confines of the headline, it is definitely fantastic.

So yeah, combine it all together, and we’ve got one of the greatest collection of words we’ve come across in some time.

In fact, the only real issue is with the “Limited Edition” part, because we know this isn’t going to last forever.

Shoe Lane Coffee based out of Dun Laoghaire announced their new concoction on social media, before stating that it will only be around for as long as their natural orange essence and marshmallow fluff remains in stock.

And judging from the subsequent stories on their Instagram of the amount of customers who have ordered it, we’re guessing stocks won’t be lasting too long!

Main image via Instagram/@ShoeLaneCoffee

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