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29th Oct 2019

Dublin drivers are the best in Ireland

Sarah Finnan

A recent study carried out by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) has revealed that Dubliners are above average drivers.

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.

According to the figures, less than 15 percent of motorists in Dublin’s fair city have penalty points.

If Dubliners are the best, then who is the worst?

Findings show that the worst drivers are to be found in Laois and Wexford where almost one in five licence holders have points for one offence or another.

Only 11.5 percent of Donegal drivers l have points on their licence while it was revealed that a fifth of the 2.9million drivers in Ireland have penalty points recorded against them.

The report states that almost two-thirds of all points issued in 2018 were for speeding while males incurred almost twice as many offences as women. Women were more likely to be ticketed for speeding while men incurred proportionally more notices for holding a mobile phone while driving.

The number of penalty point endorsement notices issued last year were down 6.3 percent on the previous year, so it sounds like the Irish public are making positive progress in their driving.

Read more on the findings here.

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