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12th Aug 2020

Dublin family delighted after being reunited with stolen pups

Sarah Finnan

Two lovely eight-year-old golden cocker spaniel sisters, Topsy and Turvy were stolen from their Dublin home last month. Devastating their owners, they’ve been on the hunt for their doggos ever since.

Thankfully, this is a good news story and we can confirm that both pups have been returned to their family.

Hoping to get them some answers, the family set up a Facebook page to help them find their lost pups. Called Help us find Topsy&Turvy, a post shared to the page explains that both dogs were stolen from their home in Dublin 18 in early July.

Each neutered and microchipped, the dogs went missing sometime over the July 4th weekend. Both eight-year-old golden cocker spaniels, Turvy was recovered by Gardaí and returned to her owners in mid-July.

Determined to locate their other dog, almost a month later and Topsy has been returned home too. Updating the public on the situation (now all extremely invested in the search), owners took to Facebook once again last night. Sharing a photo of the two dogs cuddled up side by side, they wrote:

“The nightmare for Topsy and Turvy can finally end.

“Topsy returned. To the person that had her. Thank you for doing the right thing.

But the real thank you goes to our relation Anthony O’Driscoll who never gave up on Topsy. To the bottom of our hearts Anthony, thank you for never giving up on Topsy. You had your dog stolen and you knew what we were going through. Families stick together. We all supported each other through this nightmare.”

Adding that Topsy has a small wound where someone possibly tried to cut her microchip out, owners have said that they will share further details once she has been reviewed by the vet.
Thanking people for their help over the past few weeks, the family said that it was the public’s “support and prayers and love and light” that has kept them going.
Header image via Facebook/Help us find Topsy&Turvy

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