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27th Oct 2019

Dublin Fire Brigade pelted with rocks as firefighters attempt to extinguish blaze

Darragh Murphy

Thankfully, no firefighters were injured by the projectiles.

Dublin Fire Brigade has taken to social media to make the public aware of the kind of needless abuse that they are sometimes subjected to.

On Saturday night, firefighters from Dublin Fire Brigade attended an incident in the south of the city when they were pelted with rocks.

Dublin Fire Brigade reminds those attending bonfires for Halloween that it is the job of firefighters to extinguish blazes if they are deemed to be a threat to the public.

No members of the emergency services were hurt in the incident.

“No firefighters injured when rocks were thrown at this fire engine in the South city,” a tweet from the fire service reads.

“We’re reminding everybody that we want everyone to have fun this Halloween but our crews do have to extinguish fires if they’re proving dangerous.”