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06th Jul 2018

PIC: DFB Share Snaps Of Man Who Got Foot Trapped In Melted Tarmac

Darragh Berry

We are currently in a state of drought and nothing shows the fact that the place is too dry more than when the tarmac begins to melt.

You may think that the worst melted tarmac can do is get some sticky tar on your shoes but as Dublin Fire Brigade posted on their Twitter, it can land you in some serious trouble.

This 24-year-old man was left with no other option but to contact the fire brigade to help him out of the mess he found himself in.

The submersion meant that he was unable to move and he was left stuck in the middle of Newcastle.

In order to get him out, the fire brigade had to use a hammer and chisel to loosen the concrete.

“Today we had an incident in Heaton, young man stepped on some tarmac and lost his footing The tarmac had become so soft during the current heatwave that it melted. He stayed calm & called 999. Thankfully, he didn’t break his ankle he was wearing his granddads.

Dublin Fire Brigade said it was an “Unusual call for @Tyne_Wear_FRS” to get and we can’t disagree with them there…

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