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28th Mar 2018

This Randomer’s Awful Sound Gesture In An O’Connell Street Shop Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

Darragh Berry

You know you’re at a rough point in the month when you start counting the pennies in order to gather enough money to get something to eat.

Reddit User, mrsmiaowmiaow is at that point for the time being. A college student, they were looking for some sugary treats after pulling an all-nighter to finish college work. 

They were heading home with just a couple of euro to their name and found everything in the Dublin city shop, out of their price range. Then, like a knight in shining armour, the “soundest lad in Dublin” intervened.

In a post on the site, the user said that:

“Was in Londis earlier with a friend, about to get on a bus up home after pulling an all-nighter for a college thing (you know how it is). Was looking for a wee bitta sugar comfort and asked the shopkeeper how much maltesers were. 

“They were €3, I only had a €2 coin, decided to go have a root around in the big basket of jellies instead. While I was deciding what I’d get, some random lad strolls out past us and tosses a bag of maltesers between us onto the jellies, and walks out without saying a word. We asked the cashier if he’d bought them, and he said yes. When we went outside he was long gone.

“So, dear Londis lad in the superdry jacket: from a very broke and very tired student, thank you for your little act of kindness. I will pay it forward the first chance I get. You have the title of Soundest Lad in Dublin until such time as some other sound lad gives the gift of chocolate to a quasi-hallucinating sleep-deprived stranger.”

They don’t know his name, they don’t even know what he looked like. Just some nice, random lad, with a big heart and a bigger Superdry jacket. 

One good turn deserves another so this boyo is definitely in for some good karma. 

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