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22nd Jan 2018

Dublin Man Becomes Hero In Australia After Bravely Saving Drowning Person Who Suffered Heart Attack

Darragh Berry

Dublin man, Paul Grimes, has been hailed a hero in Australia after he helped save a man who was drowning in Melbourne. 

The Dubliner was out for dinner when he heard cries for help coming from the nearby Yarra River.

The Herald Sun is reporting that a man in his 50s fell off the pier and subsequently suffered a heart attack.

As well as this, a man in his 20s attempted to save the man by diving into the river but he too began to struggle after ingesting a large amount of salt.  

Speaking to Ten News, the Dublin man explained exactly what happened when he came in contact with the older man: 

“I grabbed him under the arm and I was afraid I was going to fall over so I got one of the girls to actually stand on my feet so that I wouldn’t fall over. We took a while to lift him up out of the water and just lay him down on the pier.

“I was ready to jump, but lucky I didn’t jump because there was already someone in the water with him so we just decided we’d pull him out.

“I basically put my hand on his stomach and then realised I was too low so put it more to the chest and just pushed down twice. Then he started coughing and we turned him over to the recovery position.”

Both men were taken to hospital and while the younger man has injuries that are not life threatening, the man in his 50s is in a serious but stable condition. 

Paul Grimes, you are a hero. 

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