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22nd Jan 2018

Your Dublin Waste Company Could Be Part Of A “Secret Cartel” That You Don’t Know About

Darragh Berry

A competition watchdog belonging to the state is watching over waste companies in Dublin as there is a “threat of a cartel” in operation.

The Sunday Independent revealed that the The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) had confirmed that the examination was under way.

Recordings of a waste company staff member stating that firms are ‘calling’ certain areas of the the capital so that none of them go out of business.

This is a breach of competition law. 

“The CCPC can confirm it has been provided with information from a complainant alleging anti-competitive conduct, criminal in nature, within the waste sector in Dublin,” a spokesman told the publication.

The staff member said in his recording that: “They are at a certain point now you have X amount of customers and we have X amount of customers – fine, you have this area and we’ll have this area.

“Now if we went into their area, they’d come into ours, and if they came into ours we’d go back into theirs and there would just be a war. It would come to the stage where one of the big companies would be shut down – and that is unfortunately how it would work,” he added.

The CCPC are eager to speak to anyone in the waste sector who could support these claims made in the recording. 

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