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02nd Jul 2018

Eyebrows Raised Over Dublin Pub’s Controversial Type Of Animal Racing Fundraiser

Darragh Berry

This Dublin pub was being criticised on RTÉ’s Liveline on Monday because of one aspect of their 4th Of July Festival.

Joe Duffy listeners heard that The Comet Pub in Santry would be holding a pig race for charity which will be raising money for two charities as stated on their Facebook page.

However, some people were annoyed that the race was going ahead and rang up Duffy’s show to vent their frustration.

Dermot Allen who is a member of the Irish Pig Society said that the event is a great thing for kids as they get to know pigs.

But, local residents said that a number of people in the area have objected to the event “on a continuous basis” saying that it was not only “cruel” to race these pigs – especially in this current heat – but also “encouraged the thought process of gambling in children’s minds”.

A representative from the pub was not present on the show but did confirm that they had the backing of the Gardaí, Dublin City Council and Dublin Fire Brigade and that no pig would be forced to take part.

“It’s very, very disturbing,’ says Pamela Scully who lives next to the Comet Pub, where this weekend’s pig race will take place. ‘I think it’s the only pub in Dublin that does this,” one of the tweets about the debacle read while a comment underneath said that it was a “totally unnecessary form of entertainment. Cruelty disguised as fun…a pure disgrace.”

You can listen to the full discussion here.

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