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21st Oct 2018

PIC: Customer Not Happy With “Extortionate Rate” For Pint Of Cordial In Dublin Gastropub

Darragh Berry

A Lovin Dublin reader got in touch with us on Monday and sent in a picture of a receipt she had received over the weekend.

Ciara, was eating out with her family and alongside the various types of food that the family got, she decided to order a pint of cordial.

However, she was shocked to find that the Dublin gastropub in question, The Manhattan in Raheny, had charged what she described as an “extortionate” amount for the pint.

Manhattan Cordial 1

She was charged €2.30 for the pint and said that it was a bit over the top.

She told Lovin Dublin that:

“I can’t name a place off hand that doesn’t charge [for cordial] but I do know a lot of places don’t charge.

“I don’t mind paying but I think €2.30 is way too expensive considering it’s essentially a pint of tap water.

“We were all surprised by the price and chose not to leave a tip because of it.

“My partner ordered the coca cola, if I’d known there was only 70 cent in the difference I may have bought a different drink.”

Do you know any places that don’t charge for cordial? Or do you believe that charging for cordial is essential? Let us know in the comments.

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