Dublin Restaurant Calls For Customers To Have Consideration After Multiple No-Shows

"In these cases it is rare people see the result of their decisions"

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A Dublin restaurant has spoken out after almost all of their bookings didn’t show up this evening.

It’s been a grim few days weather-wise in the city and it appears that this has had a knock-on effect on the number of people choosing to cancel their plans.

Popular local spot Lil Portie Caribbean Kitchen in Rathmines took to Twitter to remind people that it’s more than a simple inconvenience for owners when people simply don’t show up.

They wrote, ‘15 people booked in and 11 no shows. Is rain that bad that a courtesy notice goes a miss?’

They added, ‘In these cases it is rare people see the result of their decisions.’

Lil Portie currently has a semi-permanent evening residency at popular Rathmines coffee spot Two Fifty Square.

Decided you’d rather just stay home than venture out on a cold winter’s evening? Call and let the restaurant and let them know – it’s only a minute out of your day and saves them a whole lot of hassle.

Main image via Lil Portie

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