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04th Dec 2019

Dublin shop giving free sandwiches to the homeless on Christmas Eve

Darragh Murphy

Free sandwiches for Dublin's homeless

A Dublin shop is giving away free sandwiches to the city’s homeless on Christmas Eve.

The generous initiative will take place at the Quik Pick store on Ryder’s Row off Parnell Street and the shop’s owners want to get the message out so that those less fortunate are aware that they can get a free lunch this festive period.

Between 12pm and 3pm on Christmas Eve, between 75 and 100 sandwiches will be handed out for free to Dublin’s homeless in the hope of serving those in need.

A Shashidhar Reddy from the store confirmed that they would be making ham and cheese sandwiches, salami and cheese sandwiches and turkey sandwiches, as well as giving out cups of Irish tea to keep people warm.

Last year, the store became incredibly popular due to its incredible €1 chicken fillet roll offer but this time, the shop’s management want to give back to those in need.

It is a very kind-hearted way to give back to the homeless community during one of the most difficult times of the year for them.