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31st Jul 2018

Dublin Store Offering Chicken Fillet Roll For Price That Can’t Be Beaten

Darragh Berry

Oh yes.

Give us a dirty chicken fillet roll on both Bank Holiday Saturday, Sunday and Monday and we’ll feel a small bit better about blowing half our wages on double vodka red bulls.

Give us that bread-based beauty and for a few minutes, we’ll forget about ‘The Fear’ and the fact that the last time you seen your brand new iPhone was at around 1am last night.

We’ll stand in line at the deli and make small talk with the person behind it. We may be in a terrible mood with a banging headache, but we know that this person quite possibly could be holding the key that makes it all bearable again.

Chicken Fillet Roll sales are going to increase this coming weekend and that is a fact, but Quik Pick Store on Ryder’s row in Parnell Street are going to be a lifesaver as they are giving away the precious roll for €1.

The Dublin 1 store is just doing this for the weekend that’s in it and for that sort of money, you could leave with breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day and still have plenty of change from a fiver.

We don’t think anywhere else is doing this in the city but we would love to be proven wrong.

Regardless, we know where we’ll be going to get our fix this weekend anyway.

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