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09th Feb 2018

A Pub In Finglas Has A HUGE Chicken Fillet Roll Challenge – Could You Do It?


Our mouths are watering at the sight of what’s gotta be Ireland’s biggest chicken fillet roll.

We’ve seen giant burgers, giant kebabs and giant pizzas but this absolute beast of a chicken fillet roll from The Shamrock Lodge in Finglas tops everything. Look at alllll that chicken-y glory…

The whopper roll is part of their new food challenge – anyone who can finish this is a hero in our eyes. 

Imagine being hungover and seeing this beauty placed in front of you?


It’s yours for FREE… If you can finish it in 15 minutes

The Shamrock Lodge is challenging Ireland’s chicken fillet rolls fans to the ultimate challenge: eat their roll in 15 minutes and it’s free. Can’t do it? Pay your 20 quid and do the walk of shame, you lily-livered wimp.

The only thing that would make us question everything is the fact that you’ve no choice about your roll toppings. “Chicken, lettuce, butter and mayo is on it and that’s it you have to eat what is on it.”

Okay wait what?! Butter and mayo is a step too far.


Know someone who could tackle this? 

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