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22nd Mar 2024

Leo Varadkar insists resignation is not linked to ‘some sort of scandal’

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By Ryan Price

Varadkar announced earlier this week that he would be stepping down as Taoiseach and leader of Fine Gael.

Leo Varadkar has said that he isn’t aware of any ‘scandal that is about to break’ in relation to his resignation as Taoiseach.

Speaking at the European Council in Brussels, the Fine Gael leader was asked if he was making a similar ‘departure’ to former Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Sturgeon made a shock resignation last year, shortly before being arrested as part of an investigation into her party’s financial dealings.

Varadkar said: “I’m not [making a Nicola Sturgeon departure], I think the question you’re asking me is there some sort of scandal that’s about to break that I’m aware of.

“There isn’t, is the straight answer to that. I understand the need for conspiracy theories and speculation but that’s simply not the case.

“That’s not to say that somebody isn’t going to throw some allegation at me, tomorrow or next week or in a few months time that I’m not aware of now that will probably be a load of rubbish like a load of them are.”

He added: “People will then turn around and say “ah ha” that is the real reason but, that’s not. If you want to do that fine.”

The announcement of his departure was made on Wednesday afternoon in an emotional address to the media outside government buildings in Dublin.

That new leader is set to be in place when the Dáil returns from its’ Easter break in mid April.

Varadkar explained his reasons for stepping down: “My reasons for stepping down are both personal and political… I believe the re-election of this three party government will be the right thing for the future of our country.

“After careful consideration and some soul searching, I believe a new Taoiseach will be better placed than me to achieve that. After seven years in office, I don’t feel I’m the best person for that job anymore.

“I am standing aside in the absolute confidence that the country and economy are in a good place.”

The 45-year-old will stay on as TD of Fine Gael’s Dublin West constituency.

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