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14th Mar 2024

Camden Street named as the 22nd coolest street worldwide by Time Out

Katy Thornton

Capel Street’s crown has officially been knocked.

It’s official – Time Out have revealed their list of the 30 coolest streets in the world, with a Dublin street ranking as 22nd globally.

Camden Street has reached cool status, with its food and drink scene getting a particular shout-out within the Time Out article. This is what they said of the Dublin 2 street, as written by Kate Demolder.

“Just ten minutes’ stroll from the city’s tourist-packed centre, Camden Street and its surrounding area feels like that rare thing: a sprawling neighbourhood that’s retained a no-frills, post-modern grit, despite becoming a hotspot for creative spaces. Mentioned in Ulysses, and around the corner from the ancestral home of George Bernard Shaw, Camden Street is characterised by unpretentious pubs, political street art and a buzzy dining scene. It’s full of surprises, from Ireland’s best Taco Truck Los Chicanos to the secret Cake Café, accessible only by way of high-ceilinged, secondhand book seller The Last Bookshop.”

They then divided what to do there into three categories; Eat, Drink, and Do. In the Eat category, The Morning, Mister S, Pickle, Bunsen, and Pickle all got the mention, while wine bar Frank’s, traditional pub Devitts, and Irish restaurant Delahunt were all praised for their drink offering, everything from whiskey to cocktails.

As for what to get up to, Anseo was mentioned for their comedy, Hang Dai for their DJ sets, and Cassidy’s for a bitta live music.

Of course, we’ve heard this story before, with a different Dublin street coming in at 22nd – our beloved Capel Street (which we actually placed as the best foodie street in Dublin, and Camden in 10th, for anyone interested).

Yes, Capel Street had its moment in the sun, crowned the 22nd coolest street in August 2022, with its no frills approach to food as the reason behind its placement:

“You’ll find a whirl of culture and some of the best food in Dublin, usually without any frills: locals know they’re good, so there’s no need for fuss.”

That Capel Street has recently been pedestrianised also won it brownie points for Time Out; they said this makes “it the ideal spot for sipping pints in the sun and just generally hanging out.”


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