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26th Jan 2018

Dublin Woman Is Suing Singer Rihanna Regarding Alleged “False Email And Malicious Rumours”

Darragh Berry

Dana Kavanagh of Finglas is claiming that her business was destroyed by a “false email and rumours” which were allegedly circulated by singer Rihanna about the woman’s partner. 

The Irish Examiner is reporting that the 43-year-old is suing the singer for damages and loss of earnings in the High Court. 

Court reporter, Ann O’Loughlin, states that a false and malicious email was allegedly sent to her by Rihanna in 2013 which contained “untrue references” about Kavanagh’s partner Geoffrey Keating who had previously worked for the singer.

Rihanna has denied the claims but Kavanagh said that the business which she built up with Keating – Geoff Keating Media – had to cease trading which she believed was exclusively down to the rumours. 

Kavanagh also stated that the information in the email was sent with intent to injure and cause damage to her and her business.

She went on to add that it had also cost her her marriage with Keating. 

They have four children and had been together for 14 years but they ended up cancelling the wedding – which was already in the planning stages – around the time that the alleged emails were sent. 

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