Have You Seen All Those 'Polite' Motorcycle Couriers Riding Around Dublin?

FINALLY an explanation

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For the last few weeks, I was sure I kept seeing police bikers all over the streets of Dublin. You've probably seen them as well. 

They're in fact mostly motorcycle couriers wearing what appears to be police uniforms, but with the work 'polite' written where you might expect to see 'police'. 

You can't turn a corner in the city without seeing what you'd presume to be the police and slowing right down – and that's the point exactly...

I decided to ask on Twitter, where I discovered it was part of a safety campaign...

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It turns out that the idea actually originated in the UK, where bikers have been using the design for the last couple of years. There's absolutely no doubt that they're designed to mimic police jackets and make four-wheeled drivers more aware of bikes in the city. 

Opinion seems to be split on this tactic, because there are some who think that pretending to be the police is a step too far. 

Hear this bike rider's thoughts on the 'polite' jackets

So there you go. These aren't Gardaí patrolling the streets of the capital, but rather bikers trying to make themselves more visible and ultimately safer. 

But what do you think of this strategy?

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