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20th Dec 2016

House Hunting Or Looking For A Roomie? Come To Our Find-A-Flatmate Drinks!


It’s pretty darn impossible to find a gaff in the city at the moment..

Open viewings have massive queues outside them, brand new listings on DAFT disappear mere minutes after they’ve appeared, and some of the spaces to let out there are literally insane.

So we thought we’d help out the members of our community by organising a casual evening where people looking for accommodation can come and chat to people looking for new roommates; ’cause we’re sound like that!


How does it work?

1. Fill out this form to tell us whether you’re looking for a room, or to fill a room – right now we’re only looking for those with a room to let!

2. Come to The Stag’s Head at 6pm on Monday the 14th of September.

3. Take a green badge if you’ve got an empty room, take a red one if you’re looking for a room – or an orange if you’re looking to team up with others to rent together.

4. Grab a drink, get chatting and see if you come across any like-minded peeps who could become your new flatmate.

It’s just like speed-dating, but to help people find a new gaff or housie.. Plus, anyone with a space up for grabs will receive a free drink upon arrival!

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We’re looking forward to seeing you all next Monday, but just remember…

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