9 Apartment Rental Ads From DAFT That Will Make You Wonder About Humanity

It takes all sorts


We posted a piss take picture a while back showing just how ridiculous some of the accommodation in Dublin can be, but the reality can be even worse.

Take a peek at the pictures below to see the nine weirdest Irish apartments ever posted online.

1. Urban Females Need Not Apply


Pic: Broadsheet/Daft.ie

2. Sick of that long walk between your bed and the shower?

Well, this is just plain practical.


3. This roomy number

It's 'roomy' in the sense that it's room-like rather than an actual room. I mean, it's definitely almost a room.


Pic: Broadsheet

4. This guy really wants to know his tenants...

Of course, it's perfectly acceptable for a landlord to want some background information on their tenants. However, we're pretty sure there is a fine line between reasonable and too far, and this landlord just pole-vaulted right over it.


5. Talk about killing two birds

This ad boasted a delightful feature, whereby you could actually sit on the toilet and still be within tooth brushing distance of the sink.

Where do we sign?


6. Would you like some room with that mattress?

Wherever I lay my hat is my h... okay there's no space to lay my hat here.


7. Are you eligible for this house of learned men?

We all expect to jump through a few hoops to keep our landlords happy, like showing them a bank statement or references from previous landlords. However, this guy expects you to have a third level education.


8. Do we detect hyperbole?

Would we call that an 'area'? Would we? Really?


Pic: Broadsheet

9. Well, it's got... 'personality'

We'll be in touch. Thanks for showing us around!


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