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27th Dec 2020

Five dishes we are dying to get for takeaway next week

Alan Fisher

Five dishes we are dying to get for takeaway next week.

Yes, we are back into a lockdown but there are still plenty of places doing takeaway.

Most restaurants have adapted and you can get your favourite dishes to take home.

The only problem with this is picking what you want.

There’s plenty to pick from but here are five mouth-watering options:

1) Kerb – Buttermilk Chicken Kebab

Honestly, we had one of these last week and we can’t wait to go back next week.

It’s genuinely one of the tastiest things we’ve ever tasted. All the flavours are popping in this.

2) Hush – Battered Fish Burger

We were only in Hush recently demolishing there Christmas sambo but this new option looks amazing.

Lightly beer-battered fish burger and as they say it’s a perfect deviation from all of those turkey & ham leftovers.

3) Dash Burger – Double Smash Chipotle Cheeseburger

Bit long winded but by god we want it.

We checked out this place when it first opened up late last year and to be honest, we’ve been dreaming about it ever since.

4) Chimac – Drumsticks

One of the newer additions to the Korean fried chicken place is these crispy drumsticks served with a little pot of gravy.

5) Ramen Co – Roast Pork Tonkotsu

We actually enjoyed a big Lovin day out here when they first opened and it was delicious.

There’s something about Ramen we are just craving right now.

This Roast Pork Tonkotsu with dumplings is calling.

Let these guys enjoy there time off and be ready to show some love when they open back up.

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