Fowl Play At The Square Ball Could Be The Coolest Pub Grub You Ever Taste

Bodytonic's latest venture is a pretty deadly one.

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You know what Dublin needs?

A poultry-dedicated kitchen complete with a Portugese rotisserie over a fire pit and huge Texas smoker, that's what. 

Ok, well, maybe you didn't know we needed it, but now that it's here, GET EXCITED... 

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Making Hot Sauce
Fowl Player Sharing Platter For 10 People

Fowl Play is the brainchild of Trev and Andy who own The Big Grill. They joined forces to set it up after the success of The Big Grill, and influences from various BBQ festivals and various Pitmasters they met and befriended around the world over the last few years. 

Fowl Play is located in a surprisingly tiny kitchen in The Square Ball, Bodytonic's newest pub at Hogan Place in Dublin 2. 

Outside Sign

With a poultry-only focus, the lads aren't messing around here. Using only free range chickens and turkey, what you see is what you get at Fowl Play. 

Everything is cooked right in front of you, using simple seasoning and a house rub. The turkey, chicken wings and various specials are done in their whopper smoker, while the spatchcocked chicken is done over a live oak fire pit which requires a serious amount of skill to pull off - knowing how to control the heat, the level of steam and getting the timings right.

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The smoker they have in the kitchen is pretty bad ass, too. 

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Aside from the delish chicken and turkey, there are a few other items on the menu that will keep you coming back, time and time again...

Alabama White Sauce 

This is a sauce made up of mayo, vinegar, horseradish and a few different bits and bobs. It's creamy but tangy, and you can choose to have your wings coated in it, or have it on the side. 

Alabama White Wings


No this ain't some replacement swear word, they're deep fried pickles served with ranch sauce. Oh baby!

Frickles With Ranch Sauce

Chargrilled Babygem Lettuce Hearts

Yes, I know the thought of cooking lettuce seems a bit absurd but chargrilling these bad boys has some seriously tasty results. Perfectly crispy layers on the outside with a softer centre.

Chargrilled Baby Gem Lettuce Hearts Sweet Potatp Mash Peanut Butter Slaw
Chargrilled Babygem Lettuce Hearts

Peanut Butter Slaw

Peanut. Butter. Slaw. !!!!!!!!

Plus, a whole other load of delicious treats:

Fowl Play Menu Feb16 2

Most of the items on the menu are gluten and dairy free, and they have delicious veggie options as well.

They're open from 12pm each day, so you can grab some chicken and healthy sides for lunch, or else load up on frickles, fries and chicken halfway through after-work pints of a Friday evening. 

All our food is cooked over natural charcoal and seasoned Irish Oak using our wood fired rotisserie and smokers. We use free range Irish birds where possible and the finest ingredients available. From time to time we may sell out of particular items, or you may have to wait until the next batch of chickens come off the rotisserie. Tender juicy meat is our priority, so grab a drink and watch those birds go ‘round. Hey, that’s BBQ...

Andy Noonan, Co-Owner of Fowl Play

Intrigued? Pop into them for some delicious chicken and a pint on Paddy's Day...

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