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31st Dec 2020

Good News Story: Young Dublin lad special ‘Thank You’ to neighbours

Lynda Keogh

Anyone else looking for the good news articles these days? Same. Well, this one should end 2020 on a good note!

Over the last few months we’ve all seen that Cadbury ‘neighbour’ ad on TV. No? Okay, here is a quick run down – set in the garden of a slightly grumpy neighbour who always returns the balls, kites and other bits back over the fence to the kids next door despite the grumpiness… until one day the kids throw over something for him to keep!

Check out a quick snippet below…

Crying yet? Ugh, it gets me right in the feels, every time!

Well, in Dublin 6W this ad was brought to life by a young lad named Conor.. After a year of playing out the back garden and multiple footballs, rugby balls, frisbees and sliotars being returned to him by his neighbours, Conor decided to say ‘Thank You’… Right, now we are really crying.


In perfect handwriting, Conor’s note to ‘My Considerate Back Neighbours’ reads:

‘To my nice neighbours! Merry Christmas!

Thank you so much for always throwing back my balls, I really appreciate it.

I love when your dog starts to bark. It always makes me smile and I know

I will get my ball back soon. 

Thank you very much. Happy Christmas. 

From Conor and (family) from over the wall’

Conor’s thoughtful thank you note included a Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut bar – similar to the bar thrown over the fence in the ad. *insert tear emoji here* Thank God I wore waterproof mascara, my post-Christmas emotions aren’t able for this!

I have it on very good authority that in return for this ‘good-deed-Dairy-Milk‘, Conor received a brand new football over the wall for his kind gesture. His neighbours (my auntie and uncle!) were deeply appreciative of his kind words and of course, who doesn’t like chocolate!? Keep practicing Conor!

In a year where we all lost a little bit of faith, it’s so nice to see it somewhat restored through random acts of kindness, pay-it-forwards and simple thank you’s. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that mean the most; to those close to you, strangers or maybe even your neighbours over the back wall!

We all need more people like Conor in our lives. We all need to be a bit more like Conor.

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