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29th Mar 2018

Attention Passengers – There Has Been A Really Cool Addition To Heuston Station

Darragh Berry

The only thing that’s worse than rushing for your train and getting there with a minute to spare is getting there, dripping sweat with a minute to spare to find out that it’s been delayed.

Take Heuston Station for example.

Sure, you can head into Supermac’s and get the grub in the belly or you could head to the bar and have a sneaky one while you’re waiting but apart from that, with the added option of doing a bit of shopping, there’s not a lot to be done.

Until now.

Because, it has been announced today that Heuston Station will get its very own piano to celebrate World Piano Day on April 13.

The piano will be a permanent passenger at the station and is free for anyone to play, if they so wish. 

The musical instrument will follow in the footsteps of the piano at Pearse Station which was installed so that people could enjoy music as they passed through the busy station. 

All levels of piano players are welcome, whether you can play ‘Three Blind Mice’ or the best of Beethoven.

But if you can play the best of Beethoven, that’s something we really want to see. 

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