Infamous Five Guys Fast Food Joint To Open 5 Outlets In Dublin


America's favourite fast food emporium is set to open ten stores in Ireland, with up to five in Dublin. The Five Guys appeal knows no bounds, their food is all prepared daily - none of that frozen and prepped months in advance stuff. Their wide range of toasties and veggie burgers even keep the vegetarians happy. Anyone who has tried Five Guys will tell you, a fresher fast food burger cannot be got.

The company was started back in the 80s when Jerry and Janie Murrell told their sons to get a degree, or start a business. The lads chose flipping burgers over lectures, and the rest is history. Five Guys saw steady growth through to the early 2000s when they started franchising the company. Since then Five Guys popularity has exploded, becoming the fastest growing chain of fast food in the States in 2012. Their first store in the UK is housed in Covent Garden, and has a constant queue out the door.

The arrival of Five Guys to Irish shores is very very good news for burger lovers across the country. I reckon we owe the Desmond brothers (sons of financier Dermot Desmond) who secured the Irish franchise a pint or two!

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Fíodhna Horan Murphy

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