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PIC: Man Says Creepiest Thing To Girl In Dublin After He “Started Feeling” Her On Abbey Street

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We’ve told you before about this man’s creepy comment to a woman at a Dublin ATM which would have caught us completely off-guard.

She hit him back with the best comeback possible, something which would have never thought of on the spot.

However, sometimes no matter quick off the mark you are, you can never be fast enough to reply to something as creepy and downright disgusting as this.

This twitter user was walking on Abbey Street when a random man came up and started feeling her.

She confronted him but was immediately taken aback by his response.

“A weird man on abbey st started feeling me so i shouted at him ‘don’t fucking touch me’ and he said ‘well then don’t let ur fuckin feet touch the ground’ but ??????? what does that mean.”

Don’t let her feet touch the ground.

So he means just because she’s living on this earth and walking the streets, it’s free game to inappropriately touch her as much as he wants?

We’re actually lost for words on this one and we’re sorry that in this day and age people still have to put up with shit like this.

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