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13th Sep 2018

PIC: Meghan Markle Is Using This Photo Of Her From Dublin For Her Thank You Cards

Darragh Berry

One of the highlights of the summer was when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry called over to Dublin for some lunch and a scout about the city.

The Royal couple were the talk of the town even though they were only in the capital for a brief 24 hours.

Men, women and children were all falling head over heels for the beautiful Meghan Markle who’s fashion and politeness were big talking points on the trip.

She couldn’t take one step forward without being snapped by someone, somewhere but it turns out that one of those photos was one of Meghan’s personal favourites.

Her personal assistant got in touch with Gerry Mooney from The Irish Independent to ask “could the Duchess use his image taken recently at Trinity College to send thank you postcards to fans.”

Absolutely says Gerry.

It’s a stunning picture of Meghan who is just after receiving flowers from some well-wishers but sticks around to have the bants with them after.

Either Meghan is after cracking a serious joke or one of the ladies is a comedian because it’s smiles all round from both sides.

If you get sent a postcard from Meghan, please let us see it, we’re nosey.

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