Meghan Markle Did The Most Irish Thing Ever During Her Lunch Today

When Queen Elizabeth was asked to do this during her visit in 2011, even she declined.

Harry And Meghan Delahunt

Meghan and Harry are now on their way back to the UK but they had a fun-filled and busy day in Dublin.

The most hype surrounding them was today at lunchtime. In case you don't know, they chose this excellent place and the queues to try and get a glimpse of them eating were just insane.

The Camden Street eatery was a great choice for a spot of fine-dining and according to The Irish Independent, the pair opted for a very Irish lunch just after 1pm on Wednesday.

The Royals opted for smoked salmon for starters and Meghan had a roast hake for mains while Harry had the roast lamb, restaurateur Darren Free confirmed to the publication.

However, it was what Meghan had with her lunch that was really the talking pint.

Apparently she guzzled on a creamy glass of Guinness to wash down the hake and salmon, we think she'd fit in just right in Dublin and she'd defo find some beautiful pints on that Camden Street strip, that's for sure.

Meghan went one step further than her grandmother-in-law who refused to even look at a sip of Guinness when she visited the Storehouse on her trip in 2011.

She probably just had a big session the night before. We know the feeling lizzy, even a sip of Guinness the day after a sesh would have us back on it again big style.

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