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PIC: Harry And Meghan Forced To Listen To Irish Tunes At Garden Party On Tuesday Night

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In fairness to them, they picked a great time to come over to Dublin and with weather like this, it would be only rude not to have a garden party.

And no, the party you had two weeks ago does not have a patch on this one which was held on the grounds Glencairn House, the official residence of the British Ambassador.

Brian O’Driscoll and his other half Amy Huberman were among the stars at the event and it looked to be fairly bopping if the pictures are anything to come by.

Of course, every good party needs a great DJ behind it. Your ordinary party might just have someone with a phone and a speaker but as you can imagine, this shindig had the whole works.

RTÉ’s Louise McSharry was on the decks and absolutely nailed it.

This was the playlist she spun up on Tuesday night:

Harry said on the night that the music was good which didn’t surprise McSharry because “Irish music is killing it” at the moment.

Bring us a better playlist, we’ll wait…

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